Multiple GL Gift Cards

On January 3, 2012, in Inventory Module, Options, Sales Module, by dan

We have facilities with multiple store codes that keep their gift card revenue separate for each location.  This feature will allow you to accomplish that.

To enable the feature:

1. Go to options list > “Credit Card/Giftcard” > “Giftcard”
2. Check at “Enable multiple GL giftcard feature”
3.  You will now be able to add your new GL codes in the accounting setup options.
4.  Now Create a new sales category and link that new GL accoun to it.
5.  Once the Sales category is made and linked you are now able to add new Gift Card inventory items.  Just link them to the appropriate sales category so it will dump into the correct bucket.
6.  On the sales screen,  you will now be able to select the appropriate Gift card inventory item and sell and redeem as usual.
NOTE:  Please contact our Technical support team to assist you with setting this up.

Guest Tracking History Enhancement

On December 12, 2011, in Options, Sales Module, by dan

The guest tracking feature allows you to record when a guest plays at your facility.  To activate the button, select Shift F2 on your keyboard and select “Sales Options”.  Now select ” Sales” and activate  the option ” Enable Guest Tracking”.  There are two sub options for you to select from.  “Add Guest Name to notes field” or “Always available”.  To use “Add Guest Name to notes field” you will need to enable Guest tracking on the sales category.  That can be done in options (Shift F2) under Reference Tables\Sales Category.   See the video at for complete set up and use.

Once you have the Guest Tracking enabled,  you will find a History button which will allow you to search for guest play for a specified time frame.  You can also print out a report for your records.

Example of Report:

Guest Tracking By Guest12_12_2011_14.38_46


New split payment screen enhancements

On December 12, 2011, in Sales Module, by jason

The split payment screen (used when using more than one payment type) has become more user friendly.

The payments are listed on the right side of the screen, and the balance due amount is updated after selecting each payment type and amount. You can also easily edit a payment method and amount using an on-screen keypad, which is greatly improved from the original screen.

To enable this new option, go to Options/Sales Options/Sales, and in the right column, check Use New Split Payments.


Easy Picker/Range Express interface

On December 12, 2011, in Sales Module, by jason

A new integration enables you to print a pincode on the sales receipt, which can be entered at a remote machine to dispense range balls. *requires additional hardware/software. Please contact sales for more information at 800-793-1872 option 1.

Prior to this new option, the only person who could adjust a tip is the Salesperson who started and finalized the transaction.  We have added the option to allow the Admin,  Manager or Assistant Manager level to adjust a tip for any Salesperson.  
To enable this option:
1.Go into F&B Settings
2.Select Terminal Settings
3.Check Require Admin, Manager, or Assist Manager security to allow access to adjust tips
4. Save and Continue

Reset sales date to today after sale

On December 12, 2011, in Sales Module, by dan

You may need to post sales on a day other than today.  The option to change the date on the sales screen can be found in Sales Options.  Select Shift F2 on your keyboard to get to the options screen.   Now select “Sales Options” and then “Sales” to find the “Able to Change Sale Date” option.   Once this is activated,  a button will appear on the sales screen in the upper right called “Change Date”.   By selecting this button,  you can select the required date that you want the sale to be recorded.  The option at the bottom of the calendar popup screen “Reset sales date to current day after sale complete?”, will force the sales screen back to the current date after the sale is finalized.  If you don’t check the option,  you can continue to enter in sales under the specified date.  Note,  the “Change Date” button will blink red if the date is not on today’s date.


Last purchased look-up by Customer

On December 12, 2011, in Sales Module, by dan

You now have the ability to use the Sale Lookup screen to search for a specific item that a customer has purchased.  To use this feature,  select the Sale Look up button on the sales screen.  Then select the “Last purchased look-up” button.  Now enter in the date range, account name or number and item code desired.  This will bring up a list of the item(s) purchased.  Now double click on the desired purchase and you can view the transaction details.  From there you can complete a return or another desired process.


Coupon Promotions using the Sales Category

On December 12, 2011, in Options, by dan

This feature allows you to automatically produce a coupon from the receipt printer when the purchase of a defined number of items that fall within the same  Sales Category .   To accomplish this,  we set up a coupon using “Grill Food Entrees” for the sales category to apply a coupon.  You then set minimum QTY to generate the coupon in the coupon set up.  The last thing required is to link that coupon to the desired sales category.  In this example, if you purchase more than 4 entrees in one transaction a coupon prints from the receipt printer.  The coupon could be for a free bottle of wine or dessert on the next visit.


Gift Receipt Font Options

On December 12, 2011, in Options, by dan

You now have the ability to change the font for the Gift Receipt header, description and footer.   Select shift F2 on your keyboard to access the options screen.   Select Receipt Options under Hardware /Receipt.  Here you can enter in the desired text and adjust the font size.  A convenient preview window is available for you to see how the Gift Receipt will appear when it is printed.


Disable A Cash Account

On December 12, 2011, in Sales Module, by dan

In some facilities,  all transactions need to be settled to a specific customer account.   To prevent a clerk from using A Cash Account by mistake,  you now have the ability to hide it.  The option can be found by selecting Shift F2 on your keyboard and select Sales Options.  Now select Sales and you will find the option “Disable A Cash Account”.  This will remove that account from the search field on the sales screen.