Change Log

Version 3.60 (Spring 2016)

CLOG-118059 Enhancement should credit ledger balance show in total amount due field
CLOG-123192 Enhancement Edit associate after sale is finalized
CLOG-120043 Enhancement Birthday Report (FILTERS)
CLOG-121690 Enhancement Adding a filter on payroll/sale person cash out report for including inactive employees
CLOG-121942 Change Request Sale Lookup feature change to include tip total
CCP-116325 Enhancement Add all customer credit card configurations to the database
CCP-118430 New Feature TSYS Semi-Integrated Credit Card Processing
CCP-127236 Enhancement PAX-Transit Hybrid Solution
CCP-102665 Enhancement Support EMV and NFC through the shift 4 interface
CCP-118919 New Feature ACH Interface
CCP-127120 Enhancement ACH – Cosmetic Changes
CCP-124127 New Feature Moneris e-Commerce: Hosted Tokenization
CPSCS-105275 Enhancement Packages Sold Report Should Calculate Returns in Total
CPSCS-121086 Enhancement PDT Request for Remote Printing Enhancement
CPSCS-127661 Enhancement F&B security level adding readonly starterhut to lower levels
CPSSUP-118976 Enhancement Need sales number of combined tickets in warning message
CPSSUP-122699 Enhancement If Hide Price is selected in online reservations, hide  Price  in sort by options
CPSSUP-120160 Change Request Range Servant Select Touch – product RSC needs to be taxable
CPSSUP-122213 Enhancement Default beginning balance for cash count
SUPPORT-124466 Change Request Modified shotguns don’t show up on the Online Reservation Site
SUPPORT-109674 Change Request F&B Security level not allowing waitresses to  Add New Customer
MAIL-102614 Enhancement Key Field in the email templates needs to be adding for Prepaid Cash back customer
MAIL-122196 Enhancement Name format in TO field from emails
ER-126189 Enhancement Postal Code Analysis Report
LB-118957 New Feature Add Google analytics
LB-112715 Enhancement Hide trainer in search if marked as Day Off
LB-102472 New Feature Phase 6 -  Lesson Book Mobile
LBV3-127600 Enhancement Trainer view – Block / Unblock feature
LBV3-127632 Enhancement Notes enhancement for LBV3
LBV3-127459 New Feature Move the search on the small/mobile view into its own button
LBV3-126381 Enhancement Show Smart Card Qty instead of $ amount if smart card is already purchased
LBV3-125961 New Feature Trainer View – Set/Clear Day Off
LBV3-125055 Enhancement Percentage of day booked should be for the Trainer who is logged in
LBV3-124827 New Feature Lesson Book Mobile – Admin manage reservation
LBV3-122084 New Feature Add reminder template
BILL-102876 Enhancement Online Billing Responsive Conversion
BILL-124465 Enhancement Add Loyalty Points to Online Billing
BILL-125179 Enhancement Online Billing 2 and Online Res 4 login screens
BILL-125773 New Feature Prepaid screen changes
BILL-114426 Enhancement Add default subject to  email accounting  emails in Online Billing
BILL-124758 Enhancement Online Biling date format in prepaid filed
RESV3-123282 Change Request Changes to the Select View section in the admin screen
RESV3-120126 Enhancement special package
RESV3-114427 Enhancement Online Reservation: Ability to move placement of Google Analytics code
RESV3-122749 Enhancement Order by online course name  if enabled
RESV3-125078 New Feature Adapting the Mobile view booking to handle Advance Booking Fees
RESV3-111465 Enhancement Reworking how the system handles partially completed TeeTime Reservations
RESV3-127114 New Feature Addon prices (Carts/Caddies/Clubs) no longer show when the ABF is used
POS3-125556 Enhancement Adding a new ‘Balance’ column to the gift card display
POS3-127012 New Feature Adding an Zero Members Prepaid button option in customer management
POS3-123325 Change Request Change filter formatting on Customer List Export
POS3-123247 Enhancement Add SSL Connection through set connection strings
POS3-122478 New Feature Employee Password Managment
POS3-113106 Enhancement New return process – use payment method selection screen
POS3-126833 Change Request Sort by option in the Chart Accounts screen for GL Code
POS3-126846 Change Request Sort by GL Code & Description in the Manage Sale Category screen
POS3-124996 New Feature Visit Tracking Enhancement
POS3-99147 Enhancement Receipt delivery option always on for Sales lookup screen
POS3-122837 Enhancement Coupon promo code – Add course filter (check boxes)
POS3-127538 Enhancement Invoices: Add ability to define the starting number for invoices
POS3-122290 Enhancement Enhancement: Add filter to show all inventory for Store Low Inventory Report
POS3-125115 Enhancement Floating Card for Passport feature
POS3-120541 Enhancement Sortable Modifier list
POS3-127104 Enhancement Hide the Edit column from Visit Tracking section within the customer module.
POS3-123777 Enhancement Printed coupon for potential customer
POS3-80741 New Feature Redesign/Enhance PO Screen
POS3-119194 Enhancement No Discount on certain suppliers
POS3-120742 Enhancement Add price on remote printer options
POS3-122974 Enhancement Create new invoice layout
POS3-126642 Enhancement ALL: Easier method for importing customer balances
POS3-116122 Change Request Customer Statement W/ Details II should be addressed to   First Name Last Name,
POS3-127501 Change Request Add the credit card request for reservation terms and conditions to registration screen
POS3-113445 Enhancement Receipt & invoice by email Templates
POS3-120514 New Feature New Option to exclude or include a tip when making a return.
PPSSUP-122214 Enhancement Report Scheduler – Ability to clone schedules
PPSSUP-123713 Enhancement Request to Rename Search Field in POS
PPSSUP-122178 Enhancement Report Module Enhancements – Export and automatically Open Reports
PPSSUP-122230 New Feature Sales Return Details – New Report Request
PPSSUP-122233 Change Request Sales Return  Summary & Sales Return Summary Detail Report Criteria
PPSSUP-122555 Enhancement Create sales commission summary that just shows sales person name and total.
PPSSUP-122544 Enhancement Purchase order wizard need Terms, Invoice Due Day(s): and Invoice Discount Day(s):
PPSSUP-122212 Enhancement Report Email Scheduler – Display Report Button
PPSSUP-121732 New Feature Items per Transaction by Employee
PPSSUP-122546 Enhancement End of Month Consignment Report
PPSSUP-125216 Enhancement Report Scheduler Add Store Code Filter- Customer Charge by Store
BILL2-126978 New Feature Minimums per store
REP-117538 Change Request Sales Person Daily Cash Out Report Tip Disclaimer
REP-118302 New Feature New Custom Report: Loyalty Points Redeemed History
REP-125124 Enhancement Adding grand total column on Transaction Details by customer 2 report
REP-121957 Enhancement Ability to hide expired smart cards in smart cards redeemed report
REP-111614 Enhancement Enhancement to Transaction Details by Pay Method report
REP-126272 Enhancement Needs a report to display for loyalty members
REP-104279 Enhancement Daily Cash Report (GL by Store) needs to include room charge payment method
REP-120317 Enhancement Report Template UI Enhancements
REP-104412 Enhancement Reports that need GL by Store capability #1
REP-105103 Enhancement Reports that need GL by Store capability continued
REP-125166 Enhancement Reports that need GL by Store capability #1_1
REP-123088 Enhancement Transaction by Customer 2 Add filter for customer group
REP-115822 Enhancement Email Manager settings
REP-125125 Enhancement Balance Cash drawer with tips by person needs a Tip total column added
SHV3-116714 New Feature Advanced Booking Fee
SHV3-104722 Enhancement Block by group – Create a way for blocked group times to be identified
SHV3-79809 Enhancement Online Res:  Course Specific Online Default Rates, different from starterhut
SHV3-91259 Enhancement Select Member’s Class for Special Price
SHV3-126925 Enhancement Add Utilization Report to Tee Sheet Reports in US file
SHV3-116808 Enhancement Convert Country text input field into a populated dropdown list
SHV3-125744 Enhancement Add Credit Card Information Text to Email Settings
SHV3-125766 New Feature Create New Email Key Fields to handle new Advance Booking Feature
SHV3-116347 Change Request Daily Deals Selection Screen doesn’t match what lands on tee sheet
SHV3-99391 Enhancement Easy way to add season codes
SHV3-106368 Enhancement Adding Credit Card on file through SHv3 using moneris
SHV3-98941 Enhancement Update to customer groups
SHV3-119981 Enhancement Allow Minimum Players Option For Discount Tee Times
SHV3-125112 Enhancement Add warning on Special tee time $0.00 cart fee
SHV3-98199 New Feature Add a new template  Your Reservation has been updated
TK-118315 New Feature Ability to tip Out other Employees
WILSON-125447 Change Request Pay Employee Tips from cash drawer option
WILSON-124867 New Feature Report – Data Collect Matric
WILSON-125449 Change Request Wilson Golf:  Timekeeper  show all clocked in  enhancement
WILSON-126552 Enhancement Exclude None or Unassigned Deparment in Sales Reports
WILSON-125794 Enhancement Add store code feature as an checklist in the Email Marketing Tool Statistic Generator
WILSON-100668 Enhancement Assign Customer Class by Store code

Version 3.56 (Winter 2015)

C-120122 Enhancement Add Server Version Near Top of Screen – Controlled By Online License
CLOG-120043 Enhancement Birthday Report (FILTERS)
CLOG-121690 Enhancement Adding a filter on payroll/sale person cash out report for including inactive employees
CLOG-120463 Enhancement sales report by customer account (member type FIELD)
CLOG-118059 Enhancement should credit ledger balance show in total amount due field
CLOG-98297 Change Request hide customer class/type on report header
CCP-122511 Enhancement Moneris – Add option to use CPS Card on File instead of Vault
CCP-102665 Enhancement Support EMV and NFC through the shift 4 interface
CCP-118430 New Feature TSYS Semi-Integrated Credit Card Processing
CCP-116793 Enhancement TSYS Balance Cash Drawer Report Improvement for TSYS MultiPASS Interface (Transit 1.0)
CCP-118614 Enhancement Remove Element credit card processing
CCP-119603 Change Request TSYS Multi-Pass: Change Transaction Request for Return by Sale Number
CCP-119606 Change Request TSYS Multi-Pass: Change Transaction Request for Offline Authorization
CPSCS-99514 Enhancement Show store code in sold to’s customer search list
CPSCS-59312 Change Request Change member to customer in starterhutv3
CPSCS-118688 Enhancement Inventory Transfer Report not Syncing.
ER-117052 New Feature Top 50 player who switch to 3rd party booking engine
CPSSUP-114222 New Feature Sales Category by GL Code Listing (GL by Store) report
CPSSUP-118684 Enhancement Email marketing  Export Email List to Excel  button changes
CPSSUP-120160 Change Request Range Servant Select Touch – product RSC needs to be taxable
CPSSUP-122573 Enhancement Reports needed exported to Excel
CPSSUP-120566 Enhancement Range Servant Select Touch – add existing card to inventory
CPSSUP-116927 Enhancement Need Range Servant tab in inventory screen for Range Servant Select Touch
SUPPORT-123163 Change Request cannot export Excelrecord format into excel 2007
F&B-102469 Enhancement A way to identify old items versus new items
F&B-102482 Enhancement Print separately
F&B-118872 Enhancement Add Customer payment summary report under F&B Reports
BILL-102876 Enhancement Online Billing Responsive Conversion
BILL-118717 Enhancement Make Login screen more usable
BILL-114532 Enhancement Add parent account on receipt if charged to a parent acct
BILL-117225 Enhancement Remove debit/credit column in Online Billing statement view
RES-120345 Enhancement Name format in Online Res V3
RESV3-114427 Enhancement Online Reservation: Ability to move placement of Google Analytics code
RESV3-94827 Enhancement Add Manager Tee Sheet View for Online Reservations on mobile browsers
RESV3-118989 Enhancement SH Mobile Redesign Vertical Mock ups
RESV3-119118 Enhancement Updating ‘Special Price’ on mobile to match features offered on main software
RESV3-89587 Enhancement TeeSheet view for members only
RESV3-118992 New Feature SH Mobile Redesign Horizontial Mock ups
RESV3-118777 Change Request SH Mobile Change date format
RESV3-116700 Enhancement Require Credit Card for more than 1 booking
RESV3-78064 Enhancement Online Reservations: Unique website url
RESV3-110261 Enhancement Enhancement to Change Message on Booking Screen when NO times are available
RESV3-118828 Change Request SH Mobile Remove the Class and Type from ‘Edit Golfer Info’ screen
RESV3-118831 Enhancement SH Mobile Enhance the Missing required fields warning prompt
RESV3-118730 Enhancement SH Mobile Redesign New Cart # button functionality
RESV3-118736 Change Request SH Mobile Remove the auto focus when bringing up new input windows
RESV3-118994 New Feature SH Mobile Redesign Pace of Play on main tee sheet view
RESV3-121477 New Feature SH Mobile Add Email and phone number to tee sheet
RESV3-81987 Enhancement Allow pairing options
RESV3-106694 Enhancement Modify Reset Password Link
RESV3-113417 Enhancement Would like the ability to change Online Res Text when no specials.
POS3-115085 Enhancement Add new  Show Charged Tips  filter to the payroll details report
POS3-113105 Enhancement Change button availability on divide by feature
POS3-109386 Enhancement Make Pre-Paid Back Payment Method Level Setting
POS3-111444 New Feature Allow add expire date on dependents
POS3-103850 Enhancement Add Customer Class Filter to Customer Birthday Report
POS3-80741 New Feature Redesign/Enhance PO Screen
POS3-110021 Enhancement Moneris indicator showing card has been uploaded
POS3-123018 Change Request Patron Points payment method
POS3-122079 Enhancement Default store filter in the customer module.
POS3-119825 Enhancement Wilson Golf:  enhancement to price per stores
POS3-101733 Enhancement Different font sizes on gift card receipts.
POS3-116882 Enhancement PO Wizard Reorder and Par Level edit options
POS3-118409 Enhancement Wilson Golf:  Enhance the check duplicate customer field
POS3-118413 Enhancement Wilson Golf:  Add Filter to Reservation Made by Report
POS3-117865 Enhancement Add  Remove all email   option in both of the update wizards.
POS3-120514 New Feature New Option to exclude or include a tip when making a return.
POS3-104319 Change Request Remove CC On File column from Customer Import Template
POS3-120782 Change Request ExactEU Export Enhancements
POS3-118347 Enhancement Passport Features safegaurd process
POS3-114344 Enhancement PASSPORT FEATURE -Danang Golf Club Vietnam
POS3-118521 Change Request Empire / W5 Golf:  changes to W5 SDK
PPSSUP-112772 Enhancement 3.54.5710.4817: PO Wizard Does Not Let You Save PO and Submit Order Later
PPSSUP-119113 Enhancement 3.56.5725.20693: Update Customer Class – Move to User Roles
PPSSUP-118202 Enhancement Gift Cards by Store Group
BILL2-107425 Enhancement Convenience Fee options
REP-117417 Enhancement New report request- Non-taxable report
REP-119035 Enhancement Report Smart Card Shared report
REP-117340 Enhancement Customer Credit Book Summary Enhancement
REP-117170 Enhancement 3.56.5738.18592: Wants the inv on hand report to show last cost instead of avg cost
REP-99503 Enhancement add sort filter to customer sub account report
REP-103388 Enhancement Customer Spending Summary Report: Add Address and Email Address
REP-105612 Enhancement add include tips filter on  customer by pay method report
REP-120494 Change Request customer statment with details shows passport number
REP-30473 New Feature New Report – Product Comparison
REP-120195 Enhancement Smart Card by Value enhancement
SHV3-116714 New Feature Advanced Booking Fee
SHV3-107031 Enhancement Add email address column to Player Freq by Round (Excel export)
SHV3-97031 Enhancement 3rd party booking over a special tee time notes issue
SHV3-99391 Enhancement Easy way to add season codes
SHV3-91259 Enhancement Select Member’s Class for Special Price
SHV3-103726 Enhancement Clear Color for Tee’d Off
SHV3-119261 Enhancement Need to change country field to drop down list
SHV3-117920 Enhancement Add  last 10 players in the edit reservation screen and change player
SHV3-98199 New Feature Add a new template  Your Reservation has been updated
SHV3-102106 New Feature Online res to use store price
TK-118315 New Feature Ability to tip Out other Employees

Version 3.52 (Summer 2015)

USAF-110038 Cashiers able to print Balance Cash Drawer Report from Cash Count screen
CLOG-98297 hide customer class/type on report header
CLOG-107452 Sale line item by Store report  -remove the Asia on it and have this report for the US to use
CCP-99475 Ingenico iSC350 forms: Cosmetic Changes
CPSCS-105317 Loyalty Coupon Web: New translations
CPSCS-103660 Change Format On Invoice
CPSSUP-108460 Change to the Bank Draft Great Life
CPSSUP-102907 Zip code keeps prompting when they make any changes on a customer account in the customer module
F&B-98964 Happy Hour and Tier Price
BILL-104630 Smart Card alignment on Online Billing screen
RESV3-94270 Please correct english on ORv3
POS3-104910 Widen margins on  Terminal  filter, Sales Report
USAF-100727 Sales Report By GL CODE
ASIA-105097 VAT receipt format
CCP-102768 Table Side integration with Moneris
CCP-106343 Use Moneris Card on File to finalize sale without pin pad
CCP-103073 Ingenico iSC350: Request Tip on the Device
CPSCS-104801 Online Res Mobile View: Add Single Day Tabbed View
ER-103222 We also need a new filter on the Utilization report to only include certain days of the week
ER-59270 Format of exec reports
CPSSUP-104438 Custom Report: Customer With Photo Report
CPSSUP-99988 Allow customers to access past variance reports in the Inventory Variance Reports
CPSSUP-104014 Daily Cash Report (GL by Store) needs to breakout payment methods the same way that Total by Pay Method does
CPSSUP-105546 Removing Prepaid Earned Note from Receipt
F&B-100557 Add Smart Card Redemption Button to F&B
LB-106294 Lesson Book Phase 2 enhancement – Allow select multiple cells
LB-106308 Lesson Book Phase 2 enhancement  – Make new product type — Appointment
BILL-107537 add redirect URL for 3rd party login
RESV3-100446 Replace example image for Customer Class Tabbed
RESV3-77464 Online Res: Add Any to players/holes
RESV3-78064 Online Reservations: Unique website url
RESV3-96089 24 hour format Anytime Filter
RESV3-100328 Add Google Analytic field for all web products
RESV3-95627 Add buddy feature to Online Res V3 mobile view
POS3-101450 Update to current logo in email service manager
POS3-102502 Ingenico iSC350: Capture Member Charge Signature on Device
POS3-102495 Multiple Payouts, Gift Cards, and Pay On Accounts
POS3-105086 Automate Currency Converter using a payment method button
POS3-105382 Process credit card on file through moneris without pin pad
POS3-105087 Integrate Currency Converter with Cash Count
POS3-100197 Add paging to customer search (per 1000)
POS3-102486 Return wizard – make more touch friendly
POS3-80537 3.50.5525.17333 -PO Builder Multiple Suppliers
POS3-100120 Allow Billing and recurring charge items to be loyalty point eligible
POS3-109463 account view export addition
POS3-104994 Add Column to sales tab and transaction view – date transaction was open
POS3-95724 Check Duplicate Screen Enhancements
PPSSUP-96957 Discount Reason Order Problem
POSRT-98271 Add Location Codes for Items – Estimated at 17.5 hours
REP-104412 Reports that need GL by Store capability
REP-87507 Request a report that will show tier price and roi.
REP-95084 Recurring Charge Great Life report
REP-107012 Would Like to add Time as part of the filters on a Payroll Report
REP-103242 Add Last Activity Date to Gift Card Balance Report
REP-102440 Add Customer Group Checkbox Filter To Customer Spending Summary Report
REP-101147 Customer List report
REP-65586 Wants to add tips field to this payroll details report
REP-96695 Hide Retail reports if Retail feature is turned off
REP-101552 Show only GL associated with store on report filters
SHV3-98193 add or remove player from edit reservation screen
SHV3-101699 Make calendars dynamic so they expand
SHV3-98203 no show feature to count one tee time as one no show not 4, etc
STOR-98408 No minimum password warning
ER-25694 New Executive Report
MAIL-105549 Remove birthday template when running database wizard
F&B-102043 Sales Person Daily Cash out REPORT (receipt PRINTER)
LB-102078 Phase 1 – Change Lesson Book to v3.0 format
LB-102080 Phase 2 – Add Lesson Book options
RES-108331 unique URLs for tee times and searches
RESV3-98671 Association Online Engine
RESV3-103130 Google Analytic for all Online products for CPS tracking
RESV3-84838 Hide times within the hour ORv3
POS3-103513 Automatically display sales note field by sales item/category
POS3-103191 Sub account / Main account Room charge logic
POS3-99621 New accounting export – Exact
POS3-100595 Credit Card Convenience Fee
POS3-93574 Tailered invoice layout
POS3-100831 New batch invoice screen & proforma feature
POS3-103921 Dataplus Hospitatlity Systems Export
POS3-99202 Receive invoice screen (batch)
POS3-99887 Premier:  New Feature  Loyalty Discount Program
PPSSUP-104632 MAS 90 Integration
SHV3-110683 Third Party Booking IDs
SHV3-55615 Warning for reserve wizard not providing details only warning
SHV3-90044 Quantival Interface
SHV3-55640 option to cancel reserve wizard prior to completion if conflict occurs
SHV3-107502 Last 10 Playing Partners in EU File
TK-48499 Time Keeper – perform a sale to an employee without clocking them in





Version 3.50 (Spring 2015)


CLOG-98297 Change Request hide customer class/type on report header

CLOG-81273 Change Request Auto Email PO To Supplier

CCP-99475 Change Request Ingenico iSC350 forms: Cosmetic Changes

LBP-53987 Change Request Should we hide the LBP options?

BILL-99144 Change Request Change name to security code

RESV3-99921 Change Request Online Res Search Screen Changes

SHV3-99537 Change Request Change pop up messages

USAF-100727 Enhancement Sales Report By GL CODE

USAF-100794 Enhancement Request for Longer GL Codes to Display on Report

USAF-101152 Enhancement Global Option Needed for Employee Access ONLY

USAF-100816 Enhancement Request to Filter by Store or Course in Email Module

USAF-83877 Enhancement Improvements to Birthday template

ASIA-99435 Enhancement need to show Inventory Added report in Portrait

ASIA-98473 Enhancement need to print full receipt in the same format as POS2.9

CCP-99092 Enhancement Password protect our test credit card screen

CCP-98967 Enhancement Switch to Debit on Device instead of on POS

CPSCS-98975 Enhancement Pizza Topping Modifier causes difficult to read text wrap on remote receipt

CPSCS-99479 Enhancement Ingenico iSC350: Cash back support

CPSSUP-99988 Enhancement Allow customers to access past variance reports in the Inventory Variance Reports

MAIL-92427 Enhancement Email Enhancements

RES-92889 Enhancement Check In/Return button in SH Mobile

RESV3-77129 Enhancement All: Make Specials One Row

RESV3-97117 Enhancement Online Reservation: Login and Book as Guest

RESV3-61444 Enhancement Allow 9 holes online after a certain time

RESV3-81384 Enhancement Add translation

RESV3-77969 Enhancement Make controls on main page touchscreen friendly

RESV3-100328 Enhancement Add Google Analytic field for all web products

POS3-100120 Enhancement Allow Billing and recurring charge items to be loyalty point eligible

POS3-102315 Enhancement  copy/merge Third Party Rate feature into EU program file

POS3-84973 Enhancement Change sales screen – Customer Picture feature

POS3-98349 Enhancement Prevent the selling of expired Smart cards

POS3-95737 Enhancement Add ability to add tip on signature capture screen

POS3-98347 Enhancement Add Divide by # button on new split payment screen

POS3-100637 Enhancement Add ability to make an item tax inclusive or not by store.

POS3-93118 Enhancement Need to add enhancements to information tab in customer module

POS3-98646 Enhancement Improve birthdate selector in Add New Customer

POS3-99607 Enhancement  Add new checkbox option Delete Data for Archive Sales feature

PPSSUP-95999 Enhancement  Rental Equipment Button on Retail Screen

PPSSUP-101588 Enhancement TerminalID size for customers using Tsys

REP-101552 Enhancement GL associated with store on report filters

REP-101147 Enhancement Customer List report

REP-96695 Enhancement Hide Retail reports if Retail feature is turned off

REP-101566 Enhancement Customer Statement Preprint with Groups Double Sided Option

REP-60145 Enhancement  customer mailing label reports does not work with Private Billing

REP-75943 Enhancement Enhancement on the daily sale comparision report

REP-65586 Enhancement Wants to add tips field to this payroll details report

REP-99503 Enhancement add sort filter to customer sub account report

REP-100808 Enhancement Add filter to exclude transaction summary on salesperson cash out

SHV3-101699 Enhancement Make calendars dynamic so they expand

SHV3-100332 Enhancement Email templates per customer class

SHV3-95299 Enhancement Default Guest of rate by course

SHV3-98203 Enhancement no show feature to count one tee time as one no show not 4, etc

SHV3-98206 Enhancement add ability to tee off/ add start and finish times to an event that isn’t padi

SHV3-95055 Enhancement Need Icon Added to Legend for Mobile Booking

SHV3-77108 Enhancement ALL: Consolidate daily deals options

SHV3-94509 Enhancement Require cancellation of auction before allowing a booking

SHV3-95297 Enhancement Show Tee time informaiton on booking screen

TK-96834 Enhancement Change to the time view in time keeper

STOR-99546 Enhancement Add phone number to item on Web Store

CCP-99266 New Feature Ingenico NFC support base on Transit Plathform (TSYS Multi PASS)

ER-25694 New Feature New Executive Report

ER-52055 New Feature Member Retention Report

LB-102078 New Feature Phase 1 – Change Lesson Book to v3.0 format

RESV3-98671 New Feature Association Online Engine

RESV3-91316 New Feature Improved Teesheet View

POS3-100595 New Feature Credit Card Convenience Fee

POS3-93514 New Feature New Inventory Import Template for Fixed Format

POS3-99621 New Feature New accounting export

POS3-100831 New Feature New batch invoice screen & proforma feature

POS3-99887 New Feature New Feature Loyalty Discount Program

POS3-99202 New Feature Receive invoice screen (batch)

POS3-72954 New Feature Lawson Acct export and report

POS3-97366 New Feature Coupon Codes Online and restriction by tee time or sale time

POS3-86978 New Feature Forcing email and zip code for customers

POS3-81926 New Feature Report Listing Billing Codes and amount assigned to each customer

POS3-56912 New Feature 1-2-1 marketing customer data relationship

POSRT-97033 New Feature  Receiving Vouchers

REPW-72522 New Feature Payroll Employee Report by Employee

REP-78697 New Feature New Custom Report – Weekly Score Card

SHV3-55576 New Feature Add Notes option to Reserve Wizard

TEST-102875 New Feature  Receiving Vouchers

TK-48499 New Feature Time Keeper – perform a sale to an employee without clocking them in


Version 3.4.7 (Winter 2014)

ER-94364 Add new report to executive reports  Rounds by Day of the Week
CPSSUP-86839 Need to add store code feature to data kiosk collection module
CPSSUP-98363 Add filter to online billing  Only Transactions affecting balance
CPSSUP-95411 Inactive Clerk Filter for Sales Person Daily Cash Out Report
CPSSUP-97862 Please add Credit Card on File filter to the Credit Card on File report
CPSSUP-96028 Add ability to customize what months get checked under recurring charge when item is sold
MAIL-97088 Add log table for email manager module
MAIL-92427 Email Enhancements
MAIL-84247 Filter and making sure all keyfields are in email manager
F&B-96691 UI enhancement-Select check screen
F&B-93254 Quick Sale Button Copy From Terminal Window
F&B-89320 Show last order timer for tables
ICOUNT-96833 update iCountInventory for iOS8
LICE-98724 Remove a terminal with local license on online license
LICE-98722 QA mode auto enabled
RES-92889 Check In/Return button in SH Mobile
RESV3-94417 Show day of the week on teesheet
RESV3-95298 Show tee time information on booking screen online
RESV3-91316 Improved Teesheet View
RESV3-77195 Include Discount Price in Default CPS Online Reservation
RESV3-61444 Allow 9 holes online after a certain time
RESV3-95627 Add buddy feature to Online Res V3 mobile view
RESV3-93072 Starter Hut Mobile auctioning
RESV3-77969 Make controls on main page touchscreen friendly
RESV3-77201 Organize Online Reservations Options
RESV3-72273 Implement buddy feature to online res v3 mobile
RESV3-96263 Show Tabbed TeeSheet view show the whole day
RESV3-96053 Add Credit Card by class for ORv3
RESV3-95934 Booking through blocked tee times V3
POS3-86978 Forcing email and zip code for customers
POS3-95737 Add ability to add tip on signature capture screen
POS3-97964 Modification to Zip Code Tracking functionality
POS3-96692 Block category with multiple Pay Out item
POS3-93514 New Inventory Import Template for Fixed Format
POS3-93118 Need to add enhancements to information tab in customer module
POS3-84973 Change sales screen – Customer Picture feature
POS3-80181 Add email to the check duplicate customer screen
POS3-97990 add drop down menu for editing of visit count screen
POS3-95308 Print Customer Statement from Customer screen
PPSSUP-95147 iStock App – allow app launch without device
POSRT-97033 Receiving Vouchers
REPW-45625 Sales Report By WC Events
REP-96687 Changes to the Customer Sub Account Report
REP-95513 Default reports button added to report option popup
REP-75943 Enhancement on the daily sale comparision report
REP-96690 Member Information Sheet Custom Repoert
REP-97627 Copy Salesperson cash due less tips F&B report to reports module
REP-96689 Member Information Sheet Custom Repoert
REP-97396 We need a List Items by Store GL Codes Report
REP-95300 Credit Card On File Report
REP-78447 Need a way to clean up terminals and still view in reports
SHV3-83999 SH Mobile default views and menu layover changes
SHV3-92847 Wants to see 9 holes on at a glance
SHV3-55576 Add option to Reserve Wizard
SHV3-55615 Add more detail to warning for reserve wizard
SHV3-66869 Special rate 18 or 9 hole enhancement
SHV3-94509 Require cancellation of auction before allowing a booking
SHV3-95297 Show Tee time informaiton on booking screen
SHV3-98207 tee’d off color only on booked cells
SHV3-76560 Apply season to multiple dates
SHV3-97968 Season codes and sites
SHV3-95299 Default Guest of rate by course
SHV3-77108 Consolidate daily deals options
SHV3-62221 Add  export  functionality to search report in tee sheet
SHV3-97163 checkin a tee time from past days
SHV3-96419 Add  email  to Tee Sheet Report
SHV3-96151 10 playing partners Enhancements
SHV3-96081 Deposit Options
TK-44029 Store dependent only-Show all employees clock in feature
STOR-97754 Ability to add wording in the email templates in web store
STOR-98654 Webstore Font Changes
STOR-98443 Returning Virtual Gift Cards
STOR-98212 Item Type: Product for membership dues
STOR-97402 change wording on shipping methods web store
STOR-97404 Make modifier price optional when checking out of web store
STOR-94611 Need to add Force Credit Card on file as an Option in Webstore setting
STOR-96479 Webstore Web Search Optimization

Version 3.4.5 (Fall 2014)

USAF-83877 Improvements to Birthday template
IPOS-93308 Modify log file on Bevcart Exp
IPOS-91474 Implement BevcareExp (tag341) and POS (tag343) or highest
CG-89214 3rd party bookings overwrite specials, auctions, discounted tee times
CCP-78335 Ingenico isc350 Forms
CCP-85550 Credit Card Offline Mode for Tsys Transit
CPSCS-81096 Capability to add a second email address to a customer
CPSCS-81888 Tee Sheet Report
CPSCS-90790 Credit Card Transaction by GL code custom report
CPSCS-76232 Reports request – Customer Class Code Change
CPSCS-88080 Add ability to adjust member tips after the sales day is over to Admin and manager
CPSCS-80426 Credit Card Offline Mode
CPSCS-82183 Include Service Charge options on Balance Cash Drawer with CC Tips
ER-86718 Executive Report tabs enhancement
CPSSUP-90738 Add the ability to have loyalty multipliers by category, by store
CPSSUP-86839 Need to add store code feature to data kiosk collection module
CPSSUP-91162 Inventory $ by Supplier needs template option
MAIL-84247 Filter and making sure all keyfields are in email manager
F&B-88767 Change request to what is allowed when F&B security is turned on
F&B-85396 Increase seat maximum in F&B
F&B-81729 Add ability to Un- Assign Modifiers by category
F&B-79918 virtual keyboard to input reciprocal charges on members accounts-touchscreens
F&B-89814 Card-On-File for a TAB when Credit Card used to Open Tab
BILL-90215 Display sub account # for charges viewed in online billing.
RESV3-77970 make calendar full screen and don’t allow QWERTY to open when used.
RESV3-89960 Hide Price vs. rule to not display tee times if price is $0
POS3-88736 Enhancement to PO
POS3-82336 Email filter on reports should be full screen
POS3-82057 Minimum Selling Price
POS3-81183 Relocate starterhut password setup into options screen
POS3-79604 Add Sale preview to sale look up screen
POS3-79613 Rename Salesperson to be Employee Setup
POS3-88693 Add Forcing of Salesperson in Batch Payment on Account
POS3-88869 Should we hide the gift card history button when ETS or Shift4 gift cards are used?
POS3-86438 Foretees SDK additions
POS3-59204 3rd party login for web products
POS3-82893 Sale Type automatically apply a % percantage as a service charge
POS3-93313 ALL:  Include new zipcode data
POS3-91703 TSYS Response Codes
POS3-82624 New a number key on the virtual keyboard for clubs that due member charges by account #
POS3-84202 Remove Penny for cash transactions
POS3-83918 All quicksale button texts needs to be bigger
POS3-86183 do not swipe a credit card in the amount tendered field
POS3-87264 Add cart to receipt through the sale screen only
POS3-92942 Asking to have criteria option added to two reports
POS3-10743 Customer Address
POS3-81936 PO Options Need Moved
POS3-90826 New Customer Import Template for Fixed Format
POS3-82309 Change terminal option to make it more intuitive
POS3-83810 Size Field on Price Tags
POS3-88357 Clubessential Interface
POS3-13889 Customer Signature Integration for Cart/Rental Club Agreenment
POS3-83561 Make email receipt (receipt delivery option) exactly like the printed receipt
PPSSUP-90371 Storing Documents in DB
REPW-45609 Net Income Summary
REPW-45593 Inventory Transfer Report
REPW-45625 Sales Report By WC Events
REPW-45614 Physical Inventory Report
REPW-72541 Gift Card Balance
REPW-69062 Customer Payment Summary
REPW-45607 Net Income Product Summary
REPW-45626 Special Order Report
REPW-54682 Web based reports vs Report module reports – Transaction by GL Code
REPW-70296 Customer Spending Summary
REPW-70302 Reciprocal Charges
REPW-70311 Expire Item Type By Customer
REPW-72513 Nationality Playing Detail Report
REPW-70284 Customer Statement (Preprint) for True Blue
REP-91370 Accounting Export Reports
REP-88750 Customer Count Report enhancement
REP-89897 Customer report for accounting
REP-91143 Customer List Custom Report Addition
REP-78447 Need a way to clean up terminals and still view in reports
REP-81248 Smart Card Expiration Report enhancements
REP-89231 Add store code and customer class filters to customer statement(preprint) report
REP-91027 Add store code filter to Count Inventory Sheet by Category
REP-91070 Sales Transcation by Category Report displaying gift cards
SHV3-90044 Quantival Interface – Worlds most advanced dynamic pricing for golf courses
SHV3-81114 Add  ignore cross-over  tick box to SH3 Player count report
SHV3-48771 Charge player card on file
SHV3-88310 Order season tab
SHV3-84019 Starterhut Mobile Set Pricing Login
SHV3-84442 Add site and course filters to Rate set up screen
SHV3-87413 Feature that shows last 10 playing partners
SHV3-89809 Credit Card Seach with Check-In Process
SHV3-84524 Third Party Default Rate for each 3rd party
TK-38682 Discontinue Employee without deleting Employee
W5-89042 W5 Golf Interface (Online SDK) changes

Version 3.4.3 (Summer 2014)

CLOG-79135 customer note popup
CLOG-81886 Add ability to take webcam photo from Add New Customer screen
CLOG-82045 Customer Statements: add site name above address
CLOG-82046 Add option to add logos to Customer Statements
CLOG-82049 Add the word STATEMENT to the Customer Statements
CLOG-81195 Auto Qty Pop-up: Add Item Code and Description to Dialog
CLOG-82209 Finger Print button on employee PIN entry
CLOG-79849 adding additional info field under supplier tab
CLOG-78856 New Report Request – Profit SnapShot
CCP-84502 Change Batch CC Error Message
CCP-78335 Ingenico isc350 Forms
CCP-76001 Shift4 Card-On-File
CCP-81606 PA-DSS recertify
CCP-82951 TSYS – Add tips process improvement
CCP-80665 Moneris – Credit Card On File
CCP-79190 Moneris Credit Card Interface
CPSCS-80426 Credit Card Offline Mode
ER-81913 Need Exec reports to show “Utilization”
CPSSUP-82761 Lock down Batch Pay on Account screen for store code customers.
MAIL-73187 SMS via Email Marketing and Tee Times
MAIL-78783 All:  add buttons for hidden functions in email manager
F&B-79879 Identify customer as golfer or non-golfer
BILL-84258 Online Billing – Need to be able to edit or delete card on file
RES-79974 Add ability to add notes from the player to an online reservation
RESV3-63738 OnlineResV3: Custom email template enhancement
RESV3-83485 Prevent display of $0.00 tee times
RESV3-50644 change time selection box
RESV3-71370 Change Players once already in booking screen
POS3-82380 Add preference tab to customer information screen
POS3-80553 Hide customers from other stores in Sales Screen
POS3-80560 Add Store dropdown to the Batch Sales/Return screen
POS3-60513 Option to have notification center minimized on main screen
POS3-10743 Customer Address
POS3-83561 Make email receipt (receipt delivery option) exactly like the printed receipt
POS3-84202 Remove Penny for cash transactions
POS3-79845 Improvements to manual credit card screen
POS3-84150 new export “Optimum Control”
POS3-79971 Ability to Print Price Tags from a Closed PO
POS3-59081 Credit card rotate key issue when opening software
POSRT-50754 Ability to Sell Discontinued Items
POSRT-62951 Adding a new scroll drop down to the existing rentals
REPW-54682 Web based reports vs Report module reports – Transaction by GL Code
REPW-70308 EU Voucher Statement
REPW-69062 Customer Payment Summary
REPW-70284 Customer Statement (Preprint) f
REPW-70289 Customer Statement w/details
REPW-45625 Sales Report By WC Events
REPW-70302 Reciprocal Charges
REPW-70296 Customer Spending Summary
REPW-70310 EU Voucher Statement II
REPW-44226 End of Day Summary by Terminal
REPW-69045 Customer Charge (Tax Grouped)
REPW-68946 Bank Draft Unassigned Account
REPW-69047 Customer Charge by Store
REPW-45559 Catalog Report
REPW-69061 Customer Payment By Date
REPW-69055 Customer List Custom
REPW-69056 Customer Mailing Labels
REPW-69057 Customer Mailing Labels (Expiration)
REPW-69058 Customer Mailing Labels for UK
REPW-69046 Customer Charge by Day
REPW-70291 Customer Statement w/details
REPW-70293 Customer Sizes
REPW-70287 Customer Statement (Preprint) Old
REPW-69063 Customer Prepaid Shared Acct
REPW-69064 Customer Prepaid Summary
REPW-69048 Customer Count Detail by Class
REPW-69049 Customer Credit Book Summary
REPW-69050 Customer Inactivated Report
REPW-69051 Customer Invoicing Report
REPW-69052 Customer Ledger Details
REPW-69053 Customer Ledger Summary
REPW-69054 Customer List Custom JCR
REPW-68947 Bank Draft Unassigned Accounts
REPW-68779 Customer Birth Day
REPW-68780 Customer Count by Class
REPW-68945 Bank Draft Great Life
REPW-69039 Credit Book Detail by Credit Book Item Report
REPW-69040 Credit Book Detail by Member
REPW-69042 Customer Bag
REPW-69043 Customer by Paymethod
REPW-69044 Customer Charge
REPW-45627 Store Inventory
REPW-45629 Store Inventory Added
REPW-45547 Adder Report
REPW-45550 Annual Subvention WC
REPW-45557 AR Aging Report Summary
REPW-45554 AR Aging Report Summary
REPW-45583 Inventory Aging Report
REPW-45585 Inventory CN8 Report
REPW-45598 Inventory Varince for Mobile by terminal
REPW-45601 Items Scanned Not inventory
REPW-45613 Non-Inventory Items Report
REPW-45615 Physical Inventory Report On End Of Selected Date
REPW-45617 Pre Invoice
REPW-45624 Sales Report By Store Code WC
REPW-70313 Expiring Members
REPW-70316 Ledger Adjustment Report
REPW-70282 Customer Retention
REPW-70298 Customer Spending Summary Net
REPW-70299 Customer Summary by Account/Class/Type
REPW-70301 Customer Summary by Gender
REPW-70303 Customer Statement
REPW-70304 Customer Without Picture Report
REPW-45555 AR Aging Report Summary 45-Days
REPW-45566 Deferred Income Marketing
REPW-70309 Customer Statement (Preprint)
BILL2-57719 Online billing needs to support TSYS
BILL2-85485 Online billing:  Reset password link instead of an email with your password
REP-80425 Email Scheduling by Group
REP-78447 Need a way to clean up terminals and still view in reports
REP-68974 Unused Minimum report needs store code filter
REP-84457 Customer Sales by Category Report Sales Tax
REP-81372 Customer Count by Class: Alphabetize by Class
REP-41685 Sales By Postal Code report needs filters
SHV3-84019 Starterhut Mobile Set Pricing Login
SHV3-67291 Searching by Phone Number
SHV3-77143 All: Make Search Options Similar to Tab View
SHV3-82869 Need to add POS Integration by Site
SHV3-80550 27 hole tee sheet printout being 13 pages
SHV3-69121 Change player email confirmation
SHV3-86389 27 hole tee sheet printout being 13 pages
SHV3-82288 SHMobile: Century:  Enhancements to Starter Hut Mobile
SHV3-79014 Add 27 hole Change Crossover feature


Version 3.4.1 (Spring 2014)

CLOG-77725 Set a default payroll start date
CLOG-69754 Starthut Mobile : Turn and Finish
CLOG-77507 3.40.5088.13623: Ability to print customer notes to a receipt
CLOG-60793 3.3.9 build 5058: Waste/Breakage Reason Security
CCP-77951 Auto-populate URL for ETS payment
CCP-77953 Force cardhold street/zip on manual entry
CCP-77980 Option: do not store Credit Card number in local database
CCP-77977 Pay on Account-use CC on file at ETS
CCP-77436 ETS card on file
CCP-75889 KEY_OK message when processing credit cards
CCP-77151 Upgrade software to run ETS Transvault 2.55.18
CPSSUP-75159 Not allow stores to return sales finalized in a different store
MAIL-73552 visit tracking filter on email marketing tool
F&B-59770 Amount Due Field Enhancement
F&B-59382 Create new F&B security level called “Assistant Manager”
BILL-70699 Combine Interface link paths to one link
BILL-75214 Need online billing payment logic to be the same as in POS
RESV3-75535 Online doesnt creates usernames for new players
RESV3-71575 General Settings
RESV3-71376 Login option when not logged in yet
RESV3-51651 Use phone number for Online Registrant’s account number
RESV3-57384 Need to add more deposit options online
RESV3-69075 House lookup feature and online V3
RESV3-75144 Registration , Subscribe, Unsubscribe Screens enhancements
RESV3-76591 All: Online res options (cleanup)
POS3-76882 Remove “POS Prophet Systems”
POS3-12676 add % off column to Tier Pricing by Time feature
POS3-66562 Add search by Invoice # to Sales Lookup screen
POS3-74353 Option to have Item Kits store specific on the item level
POS3-70735 Customer Information push to 1-2-1 marketing
POS3-77158 Sync Tool: Visit Tracking
POS3-76226 Packing Slip Changes
POS3-69957 Editing Customers using license scanner
POS3-70264 Member charge signature capture
POS3-76361 Need o change button to “Activate” for discontinued items
POS3-75336 Add options to hide checkboxes
POS3-76867 Add dependent changes to Customer Log Information
POS3-65669 Option to turn off warning to redeem smart cards from teesheet
POS3-25600 Batch Sales-Charge credit card on file
POS3-58431 Show receipt ticket type button on retail screen
POS3-74852 Add a password protect for report scheduler feature
POS3-78951 Sync Tool cannot see gift card balances
POS3-13871 Returns – Allow the end user to pull up sale and select an item to return
POS3-73133 Return of gift card sale
POS3-77111 Add a Coupon Option
POSRT-76635 Sync tool for GC’s
POSRT-78137 Use New Split Payments not working with Layaway
POSRT-47180 3.40.5078.14804: Price Tag Option – UPC or Product Code Printing
POSRT-76369 3.38.5053.12731: Training Mode
POSRT-76842 3.40.5063.13846: New Option for PO Builder
POSRT-76843 3.4.0 build 5063 Item Sort Order in PO Builder Wizard
POSRT-77051 3.4.0 Retail Feature Bug
REPW-72537 Gift Card Activity Report
REPW-72541 Gift Card Balance
REPW-72544 Gift Card by Holder Details Report
REPW-72546 Gift Card History
REPW-54756 Inventory $ by Category
REPW-74865 Transaction By GL Posting
REPW-77858 Add the gift card reports on CPS Report Web for USAF
REPW-68781 Customer list
REPW-72547 Gift Card Outstanding Report
REPW-72545 Gift Card Expired Report
REP-74503 3.40.5078.38233: Customer Statement Option Requests
REP-77176 Need Customer Statement W/ Details that is compatible with Statement Display Option
REP-79073 Add “store code checkboxes” to Round Count Report
REP-76364 Customer List Custom Report: Request to add “Name” Sort
REP-76060 Customer Inactivated Report: Request to add a Customer Name sort
REP-76013 Add Tee Sheet Report to Report Scheduler
REP-70668 Web based reporting – use module interface
REP-75766 3.38.5071.14912: AR Aging Summary Report Request
REP-75198 3.38.5070.1488: Grouping on Waste/Breakage Report
REP-75572 Create a customize Rain Check Outstanding Report that simulates the current format of our Gift Card Outstanding Report
SHV3-52870 validate data to not include inactive records
SHV3-64522 reservation tracking change
SHV3-61071 change the TLinks interface to work on V3 tee sheet and add a full template pull
SHV3-41074 Squeeze Time on the last time
SHV3-70009 Request to show caddie activity in cell history
SHV3-76164 Add handicap to StarterHutMobile
SHV3-78559 century: apply season codes by site
SHV3-77202 SH Mobile: Add new column for Tee off, Turn and Finish Round
SHV3-76819 Enhancement for Summary option in SHv3
SHV3-67987 reservation wizard pin screen logic
SHV3-61274 change to the booking screen
SHV3-75412 General Event report – Add “All” filter for contract received and deposit received
SHV3-75413 General Events report – Allow Event date or booking date and employee to be selected simultaneously
SHV3-76985 Create desktop icon for SH Mobile
SHV3-77203 Add Total time to Starter report
SHV3-77662 SH Mobile – Screen should refresh to current time
SHV3-77113 SH Mobile: Add ability to adjust tee off, turn and finish times.
SHV3-77115 SH Mobile: Select 4 player at once and apply player 1 name to 2,3,and 4
SHV3-77099 Auction: Booking over a closed auction
SHV3-77199 SH Mobile: Change button to say “Finish Round”
SHV3-77156 Need to force data collection for 3rd party bookings
SHV3-75452 SH Mobile — Add legend for icons
SHV3-76208 SH Mobile: Single cell selection
SHV3-76115 SH mobile: Need an icon for the SHV3 tee sheet to indicate SH mobile booking
SHV3-70329 Show tee sheet summary at the top of teesheet.
SHV3-78727 Auction: remove duplicated name in SH Mobile
SHV3-78207 Once bidding is closed, you can still book a reservation for someone else
SHV3-77965 Need to make booking screen accept conditions option for touchscreens
SHV3-77966 Remove http info from popup
SHV3-78721 Auction: Add the $ of the winning bid on the winners email
SHV3-77074 Automated weather tracking

Version 3.3.8 (Winter 2014)

BG-69859 Online modifications
BG-56052 3rd Party SDK for Lesson Book
BG-13252 new screen to setup gl code on tax
BG-58181 Opened days reports
BG-70151 WC Electronic cards Validity
BG-56008 Membership card
CCP-59191 Phoenix Payment Gateway – Debit card support
MAIL-70746 Cleanup and Clarification of email module and preferances
EC-70405 Russian Translation
EC-52832 Dutch Translation V2
EC-55323 Spanish Translation
F&B-59382 Create new F&B security level called “Assistant Manager”
F&B-67098 remove cash count in the drop down in the F&b terminal
F&B-68565 Add options for Pin Pad screen
F&B-68130 Ability to add credit card to tab after it is already created
F&B-69260 Need to add comment to happy hour option
KPI-71306 need KPI support the customer who not use multiple store
RESV3-70657 add Links Rez as new booking agent
RESV3-69907 W5 Golf enhancements
RESV3-70524 buddylist: Integrate buddy feature in edit booking tab
RESV3-69764 Buddy feature add guest
RESV3-70372 online reservation login screen change
RESV3-62738 Chelsea Standard Tee Sheet export
POS3-49812 Improve credit card user interface and add new manual pin pad for credit card entry
POS3-58774 Golfer check box always checked
POS3-58796 Item Kit quantity discount feature
POS3-59691 Rename POSExpress desktop icon
POS3-69758 Add ALL function to print statement with email all statement capability enabled
POS3-62422 Phoenix Payment Gateway – ACH support
POS3-70650 customer sync tool changes
POS3-64037 Resize Payment code screen
POS3-69352 Cannot use the keyboard ENTER key when using the amount tendered screen
POS3-60900 Add link to security selection that will take you to the user rules
POS3-67877 removing an item from a saved tab
POS3-68726 Add Space between Invoice Number and Signature Line on Receipt
POSRT-69528 Payroll Deduction Interface
POSRT-71191 CC Integration and Full Receipts
REPW-70299 Customer Summary by Account/Class/Type
REPW-70301 Customer Summary by Gender
REPW-69058 Customer Mailing Labels for UK
REPW-68779 Customer Birth Day
REPW-68781 Custome list
REPW-68942 ACH Renew
REPW-68945 Bank Draft Great Life
REPW-68946 Bank Draft Unassigned Account Blue Green
REPW-68947 Bank Draft Unassigned Accounts
REPW-69039 Credit Book Detail by Credit Book Item Report
REPW-69040 Credit Book Detail by Member
REPW-69061 Customer Payment By Date
REPW-69062 Customer Payment Summary
REPW-69063 Customer Prepaid Shared Acct
REPW-69064 Customer Prepaid Summary
REPW-69044 Customer Charge
REPW-69045 Customer Charge (Tax Grouped)
REPW-69047 Customer Charge by Store
REPW-69048 Customer Count Detail by Class
REPW-69050 Customer Inactivated Report
REPW-69051 Customer Invoicing Report
REPW-69052 Customer Ledger Details
REPW-69053 Customer Ledger Summary
REPW-69054 Customer List Custom JCR
REPW-69056 Customer Mailing Labels
REPW-45613 Non-Inventory Items Report
REPW-45623 Purchase Order Report (JC)
REPW-69060 Customer Nationality
REPW-70304 Customer Without Picture Report
REPW-70297 Customer Sub Accounts
REPW-70282 Customer Retention
REPW-70284 Customer Statement (Preprint) for True Blue
REPW-70287 Customer Statement (Preprint) Old
REPW-69057 Customer Mailing Labels (Expiration)
REPW-69042 Customer Bag
REPW-69043 Customer by Paymethod
REPW-70290 Customer Sales by Category
REPW-70293 Customer Sizes
REPW-70296 Customer Spending Summary
REPW-70298 Customer Spending Summary Net
REP-61521 Add option turn off/on “Cash Due Less Tips” in Sales Person Daily Cash Out Report
REP-69545 AR Invoice Aging Report
REP-69823 Inventory Valuation Report
REP-67490 Credit Card Transactions Report: Wants tip amount broken out.
REP-62350 add filters to the inventory report request
SHV3-70131 Lost Opportunity Feature
SHV3-56796 Need a way to use lesson book and starterhut v3 same as old verison.
SHV3-67516 Set Special Price Modifications
SHV3-69195 Move and swap players on Starterhut Mobile
SHV3-65679 Password protection for reports in starthut v3
SHV3-58354 Change the way missing information is displayed when booking a player

Version 3.3.6 (Fall 2013)

CLOG-61959 Need Store Code (checkbox)  added to the following reports
CLOG-61541 garrison lake:  customer list export option
CLOG-55996 Sales by Case
CLOG-63313 packages sold report
CLOG-66316 Items without a pricing reord
CLOG-66418 Tip not showing on the screen PIN PAD
CLOG-64187 Need the ability for the quantity to exceed 4 digits
CLOG-60387 Need to be able to change the qty to packages using store codes
CLOG-66649 password protecting discount
CLOG-63788 Catalog Cost by Store
CLOG-66103 ok and cancel button on add customer screen
CLOG-64587 Full Receipt Enhancements
CLOG-62517 adding the ability to check multiple terminals at one time on sasles by hour report
CLOG-64586 Option to not print ‘United States’ on invoices and packing lists if both company and customer are in the United States
CLOG-64927 CC Transactions  Receipt versus CC Transaction Report
CLOG-64845 Physical Inventory Import – Inventory Check/Update
CLOG-54771 Gift Card Activity Report Enhancement: Add Store Code Filter
CLOG-62800 PO Builder Wizard: Create a New PO Based on Sales and Date Range Changes: Date Range
CLOG-62807 PO Builder Wizard: Create a New PO Based on Sales and Date Range Changes: Avg Calc
CLOG-63101 PO Builder Wizard – Purchase Orders and Store Codes
CLOG-64577 Add Site Logo to Invoice and Packing Slip
CCP-65990 TSYS MultiPASS – Edit Bank Draft
CCP-66330 New TSYS – Change logic to use transaction key instead of user/name and password
EC-58144 Add Tax Code to special teetime greenfee (Auction teetime greenfee)
F&B-61680 Add security to Unclose feature
F&B-59728 Show Members name on table layout
F&B-50619 Ability to hide Tender Balance on F&B login screen
F&B-61293 Change to Sales by Department by Server report in F&B module
F&B-62995 Private clubs do not need customer count and need split checks to require account
JC-58710 cross over templates % full and summary
JC-58722 Ability to highlight GolfNow comp time
JC-58708 highlight players in teesheet that will expire soon
KPI-57785 KPi 3_1 – Course occupation details
RESV3-62566 Opening Edit for “My Reservations” always sends email
PMI-55214 Speed improvement for purchase order screen loading screen process
POS3-28542 Changing between Sale Number  and Statement Display options
POS3-61409 Password protect “Restart New Physical Inventory Process”
POS3-56927 Manager password prompt on Cash Count print preview
POS3-50761 Zip Code Tracking
POS3-62422 Phoenix Payment Gateway – ACH support
POS3-59726 minimum on email template
POS3-62223 invoice store code on the fly site information enhancements
POS3-67256 Add caption for Enhanced Pre-Finalized receipt option
POS3-63383 Need to print failed payment list
POS3-59744 Need ability to hide certain member information in Customer Lookup screen.
POS3-61880 Range Servant-increase pincode size
POS3-58480 Hide empty smart cards
POS3-63066 Tracking Mobile Carrier
POS3-64011 Inventory – Rain Check Search box
POS3-64818 Need scroll bars in sales category screen for smaller screens
POS3-60838 Record Invoice Numbers with Pay on Acct Transactions
POS3-57515 custom report – Revenue and Rounds
POS3-64177 Add the “@” to the qwerty keyboard
POS3-58850 Receipt Delivery Options – NO RECEIPT option
POS3-48511 Multiple Payouts
POSRT-45739 Report Option: Show Deleted Employees in Report Criteria
REPW-45559 Catalog Report
REPW-45615 Physical Inventory Report On End Of Selected Date
BILL2-57316 Online Billing: Smart card by category not on Billing site
BILL2-63268 Online statement layout improvements
BILL2-62905 Online Billing -  Change copyright dates to 2013
BILL2-56491 Reminder to assess late fees
REP-56758 Add Employee filter to the Coupon Report and the Coupon Detail Report.
REP-37746 Batch Transfer Report
REP-29632 Request “Extended Price” column be added to Net Income Consolidated report
REP-43710 Reports Option
REP-52748 Add “Set Date Range by Time” to Sales Person Daily Cash Out Report
REP-53465 Smart Card Reports (all) bug
REP-57666 Add multiple selection for Customer class for the Customer label report
REP-58846 Balance Cash Drawer (Print to Receipt) version bug
REP-59085 Change to report criteria
REP-62327 report change request for AR Aging detail and Customer Statement w/Details
REP-63581 Rain check expired report filter
REP-63408 Move F&B ETS Report to regular reports module
REP-43086 Customer Payment Summary Report: Excludes Inactive Members
SHV3-58907 New Event Reports  for Lake Ridge
SHV3-61263 Add Bag Storage note to booked cell in tee sheet
SHV3-61194 Need to add limit restriction for calendar month
SHV3-61399 Add Booking option to add as member for events only
SHV3-59194 Open the calendar to full screen on SHv3
SHV3-59195 Show the template name on the teesheet calendar
SHV3-58005 separate area for notes on event detail screen
SHV3-41566 Option for SHv3 reserving twosomes
SHV3-64261 Swap players regardless of status
SHV3-62665 Make the Tee off button like the email and save button
SHV3-64688 Mobile Carrier field
SHV3-63373 Move cross-over
SHV3-63827 9/18 Hole Selection Prompt when issuing raincheck
SHV3-57115 Reserve wizard not auto booking cross over time
SHV3-63557 Rain check search
WEBORDR-62000 Modifier Subform Design
WEBORDR-44244 Adding additional info to the delivery screen
WEBORDR-62888 Ability to add text instead of pics to the web order
STOR-57008 Prompt for user login before step 1 in check out


Version 3.3.4 (Summer 2013)


CLOG-41291 Add “Ship to” address on invoices
CLOG-41292 Company Name on Invoices
CCP-55604 New credit card interface call Phoenix Gateway
CPSCS-56271 Add “Billing Notify” and “Notes” to Member excel template
CPSSUP-56478 Notification center module as background
F&B-47373 Nutrition Calculator
F&B-42296 Revamp Charge tips screen
F&B-56949 add F&B change store code on the fly option
JC-56375 Additions to Weather Tracking report
JC-13483 Automatically create inventory itemcodes with storecode prefex
JC-58709 add expiring customers list to notification center
JC-58710 cross over templates % full and summary
JC-58708 highlight players in teesheet that will expire soon
JC-30377 Increase PIN code size for eRange, Range Servant
LB-44185 Lesson Book time enhancement
BILL-59338 Online Billing Not sure option
RESV3-58296 1 to 4 player text is hard to read – Change font color
RESV3-57384 Need to add more deposit options online
RESV3-59240 Cannot change default email template “Subject”
RESV3-47529 Option to use online rate regardless of setup on machine
RESV3-43267 Add Cart Pricing options and new tee time preview box
RESV3-52293 proshop login for online reservations
RESV3-50643 force cart by course
RESV3-56623 New Booking source for Back 9
RESV3-56459 9 hole only option in SHv3 should carry over to ORv3
POS3-58491 Password protect bill thru Club options
POS3-44284 Dependents class does not change when changing main accounts class
POS3-48637 warning message in Batch Sales Gift Card screen
POS3-38582 Need Option to add Gift Card to Tips in the CC TIPS and Member Tips Area
POS3-56927 Manager password prompt on Cash Count print preview
POS3-30330 Notification Center Original Spec
POS3-48511 Multiple Payouts
POS3-48530 GUI for extenstions
POS3-57188 Add ability to import GL Code from spreadsheet to POS Wizard
POS3-57672 Need a Purchase Order Report
POS3-57391 Create a data archive tool for V3
POS3-58188 Tiered Pricing By Store
POSRT-57670 Need to expand Par Level and Reorder Point to the Store Level
POSRT-57895 Remove Par Level and Reorder Point columns from PO Builder when not used in calculation
POSRT-57904 Manual entry column in PO Builder Wizard that is included in Qty On Order calculation
POSRT-57890 Remove gray column on far left
POSRT-44202 Ability to prevent changes to a cash count once it is saved.
BILL2-59280 Online Billing – Statement Message
BILL2-59306 Online Billing – Add option to show loyalty point balance
BILL2-59663 Online Billing: credit book and current charges need to be hidden
BILL2-59737 Online Billing -  Change smart card item code to be description
BILL2-59806 Online Billing – Add option to show or not to show $0.00 transactions on the online statement
REP-40704 Customer Count by Class to include a selection area of all the different classes so we can select all then deselect retail.
REP-45503 change to customer spending summary and customer spending summary net reports
REP-43086 Customer Payment Summary Report: Excludes Inactive Members
REP-57225 add country to statement address
REP-56870 Add inactive member/customer option to transaction details by customer
REP-43263 Sales Return Summary and Sales return summary details
REP-49865 Rain Check Report
REP-50739 Chart of Account Report must allow up to 50 digit GL codes
REP-45694 Company Name field added to the Customer List Custom Report
REP-53204 Duplicate receipt report changes
REP-54076 Inventory scanned report
REP-56046 Add received total to purchase order report
SHV3-58907 New Event Reports  for Lake Ridge
SHV3-57873 Player Swapping
SHV3-51683 event report added sort and notes option
SHV3-58000 email adress on event contract
SHV3-39706 SH Kiosk: Check In time limit
SHV3-57875 Home Button for Gadget Calendar
SHV3-57282 check revieve news and mail by default
SHV3-57985 Starterhut v3 calendar skips months
SHV3-55980 Sh mobile: Cart selection Numpad
STOR-56842 to much real estate wated in iframe layout

Version 3.3.2 (Spring 2013)

AR-26283 Add Manage Fence Pages
AR-26292 YM At Glance
ER-50632 Reservations by type report
ER-42193 Net Income Consolidated
RESV3-49375 Multiple databases, one online reservation site
RESV3-51638 If I edit an online reservation,  I should receive an email notification of the change
RESV3-52836 Add new icon for 3rd party Online bookings
PMI-55218 Offline Mode – Add ability to sync member data only
PMI-55695 Offline Mode – Add new option to auto sync every x hr(s)
POS3-30330 Notification Center
POS3-37401 Copy Terminal Settings and Quicksale buttons process
POS3-46408 They need the ability to set same item code for different facilities to a different GL code
POS3-52798 Change Account number to allow upto 22 characters
POS3-53560 Gift receipt process improvement
POS3-52796 add new credit card payment method for presidio
POS3-46957 CPS Data manager sync
POS3-53400 Change wording of Draft receipt option
POS3-55430 New split payment-improve ease of use
POS3-39060 Customer Web Portal
POSRT-53461 PO Builder Wizard Enhancement Request – days of week
REPW-45564 Count Inventory sheet by Category BarCode
REPW-45599 Items History Report
REPW-45601 Items Scanned Not inventory
REPW-45602 Low Inventory
REPW-45603 Merchandising Report
REPW-45604 Net Income by GL Code/Category
REPW-45605 Net Income Consolidated
REPW-45606 Net Income Consolidated by Supplier
REPW-45608 Net Income Product Summary by Supplier
REPW-45632 Store Low Inventory
REPW-45633 Supplier COG
REPW-45634 Supplier List
REPW-45635 Voided Items
REPW-45600 Items scanned but not in inventory
BILL2-54210 Online Billing: Caps lock not inidicated
BILL2-54303 Finance Charge enhancement: Want ability to charge flat fee
REP-53458 Request for “Stock Out Report”
REP-54942 Sales by Days of Week: New Report
REP-55742 GL Code By Pay Method Custom Report
REP-47936 GL by Pay Method enhancement custom report
SHV3-53775 Plantation Residents GC -delete a tee sheet with bookings
SHV3-49473 have the option to set a quantity of no shows to allow before it starts the notification.
SHV3-38927 MV – Add functionality to Edit customer screen
SHV3-54708 Enhancement for Regular Template to allow 9 hole to be the default booking method
SHV3-41456 SHv3:  double click vs single click on teesheet
SHV3-54582 Starter Hut Mobile: Show Phone number on cell
SHV3-54587 Starter Hut Mobile: Add option to set default course
SHV3-48765 Add Apply to all sites for Facility options
SHV3-54709 Timeout time limit on Multiple Template screen
STOR-50355 Option for number of departments or items per page
STOR-52215 Customer Review Webstore v3
STOR-38167 Ability to review a product
STOR-30321 WebStoreV3: Unit in stock
AR-29471 Changing background Color depend on temperature
AR-30495 Rev Mgmt option by course
AR-39056 Add default booking rule with season support
CLOG-51510 New Tiered Pricing: Whole sale Pricing
CPSCS-53142 Customer Statement preprint report needs the exclude inactive member option
MAIL-52918 1-2-1 email marketing:
RESV3-52342 3rd party login
RESV3-52345 Online Tee Time Security Assessment Report – SQL INJECTION
RESV3-52836 Add new icon for 3rd party Online bookings
RESV3-53094 Add Quick 18 source to SDK
RESV3-41227 Booking Limit by Customer Class
RESV3-53316 Advanced Booking Rules : Clean up
RESV3-48708 Online Discount option
POS3-52842 Smart card purchase prompt
POS3-37401 Copy Terminal Settings and Quicksale buttons process
POS3-51058 Offline Mode – option to use ‘A Cash Account Only’ when central server not available
POS3-52875 Online license manager
POSRT-53460 Receive Product Direct to Store Option and the PO Builder Wizard
REPW-45583 Inventory Aging Report
REPW-45594 Inventory unassigned items
REPW-45596 Inventory Variance By Store
REPW-45597 Inventory Variance By Supplier
REPW-45567 GL Account Balance Report
REPW-45577 Inventory $ by Category Consolidate
REPW-45578 Inventory $ by Supplier
REPW-45579 Inventory $ by Supplier Consolidate
REPW-45580 Inventory Added
REPW-45581 Inventory Added By Category Consolidated
REPW-45582 Inventory Added by Supplier Receiving
REPW-45589 Inventory Items on Layaway
BILL2-51925 Online Billing – Add Use credit card on file
BILL2-50951 Online Billing-Option to make online payment with credit card on file
BILL2-52833 Online Billing-3rd Party Pass Through login
BILL2-52941 SMTP Setting
BILL2-50783 Online Billing-Email online payment Information
REP-47936 GL by Pay Method enhancement custom report
REP-50404 Add option for Coupons to Sales Discount Report
REP-48408 New report is being requested for units in stock & sale report combined
REP-52590 Report request: date grouping for payments add to local reports
SHV3-39706 SH Kiosk:  Aspen:  Check In time limit
SHV3-50573 Multiple Event Rates
STOR-49734 Custom CSS changes
STOR-50355 Option for number of departments or items per page
STOR-50828 Web Store V3 – Need “Key fields tag” list for web store email template
STOR-48663 Web Store V3 – List of suggestions for Webstorev3

Version 3.3.0 (Winter 2012)


Issue Summary
AR-30495 Rev Mgmt option by course
MAIL-51067 Sync optin data by text keyword to short code from API server
F&B-50496 Request for modifiers able to be selected twice or multiple times on the same item
RESV3-50094 Book online over a block
RESV3-50772 edit names on a reservation online
PMI-49836 New EC2 Server Maintenance Plan
PMI-48641 Food and Beverage Speed
POS3-50385 Air Force – Use FIPS compliant on Web Services server
POS3-49252 OffLine Mode – F&B Table Sync
POS3-48933 CPS Data Sync Tool Improvements
POS3-51059 Offline Mode – Add new terminal connection type option
POS3-51466 Open cash drawer with cash back on Hypercom
POS3-49683 Offline Mode – Add ability to support Web Services mode for AirForce
REPW-45569 Golfer Last 20 History
REPW-45575 Income Summary by Category Class Member
REPW-45576 Income Summary by Payment Method
REPW-45594 Inventory unassigned items
REPW-45547 Adder Report
REPW-45550 Annual Subvention WC
REPW-45561 Deferred Income
REPW-45566 Deferred Income Marketing
REPW-41452 Add the Inv QTY by Store report to web reports for Mr Bills
REPW-45567 GL Account Balance Report
REPW-45595 Inventory Variance By Category
REPW-45596 Inventory Variance By Store
REPW-45597 Inventory Variance By Supplier
REPW-50060 Report request: date grouping for payments
BILL2-50680 Online Billing: remove “About Us” , “Contact Us”, “Support” links
BILL2-50676 Online Billing: Update Billing info – make it an option under admin
BILL2-50677 Online Billing: Can we have amount due = $0.00 if credit balance?
BILL2-50678 Online Billing: Remove “Payment history in this year” and highlight button
BILL2-49634 Online Billing-Move send button
BILL2-49608 Online Billing- Cosmetic changes 2
BILL2-50949 Online Billing-Display Minimum Billing Period
BILL2-50950 Online Billing-Add option to display Current by default
SHV3-39706 SH Kiosk:  Check In time limit
STOR-49301 Web Store 3 Feedback – Ability to customize the title of the page
STOR-47539 Webstorev3 State and Zip Code need to be required.
STOR-44333 Order of buttons on Terms screen
STOR-49734 Custom CSS changes
STOR-50829 Option to reset/retrieve password like Online V2
STOR-44511 modifier descriptions

Version 3.2.8 (Fall 2012)


ER-11753 Integrate with StarterHut v3
ER-37980 Customer Spending By Individual Report (Integrate with StarterHut v3)
ER-37981 Postal Code Analysis (Integrate with StarterHut v3)
ER-37986 Reservations By Booking Method Report (Integrate with StarterHut v3)
ER-37987 Reservations By Day Of Week Report (Integrate with StarterHut v3)
MAIL-42601 1-2-1 Email Marketing Upload Integration
MAIL-10583 “Clear All Emails in Queue”  Button
LB-43420 Lesson Book-option to have 7 day view as Default view
RES-45493 IE 8 with online reservation 3.
RESV3-37512 Mobile Web sites
RESV3-44497 Members with credit card on file-bypass payment information
POS3-37401 Copy Terminal Settings and Quicksale buttons process
POS3-39271 Hide customers by store code in Customer module
POS3-39429 Change text on receipt for returns
POS3-29987 Toggle between percentage and dollar amount
POS3-41001 New Receipt Ticket Type Printing options-1 per reservation
POS3-42093 Main Menu – EMail button
POSRT-30275 Zip Code Tracking
REPW-41452 Add the Inv QTY by Store report to web reports
REP-43800 Add Customer Type filter to Customer Charge Report
REP-43451 Filter added to show only member charges: Trans Details by customer
REP-45368 Postal Code Tracking Report
REP-44413 Tax Exempt Report
SHV3-44016 add customer class to booking screen search
SHV3-39477 Search Feature-Event name or Event contact
SHV3-41399 SHv3:  Change Rate Code in rate setup
SHV3-43764 regular Tee sheet report not showing pace at top
SHV3-44432 Search box in tee sheet doesnt show Middle Name


Version 3.2.6 (Summer 2012)

CLOG-41300 Serialized Product Receiving-data grid instead of dialogue box for easy editing
CLOG-40968 Receipt Delivery-add No Receipt button
CLOG-37471 timeclock employee hour print out enhancement-hours by day/job class
CLOG-28266 Add Pin to Sales Person information report
CLOG-38985 Need ability to copy adders from one customer to another
CLOG-28767 Add gift card payment and product search to sales transaction report
CLOG-30377 PINCODE font size increase-Range Express
SU-39165 Support HTTPS on auto update
EC-14632 Report to show the employees the customer has and the different security levels
EC-23118 Making the table line on the kitchen receipt in bold or of bigger font
F&B-40462 Adding company name to customer receipt- web order
F&B-40008 working two shifts in one day employee cashout
LB-30494 Set time by day of week
LB-22607 Rates By Pro Feature
RESV3-39433 Ability to Frame-In the website into customers website.
RESV3-39338 Login screen – Sign in vs Register
RESV3-40597 Advance Booking Screen-redesign and add max booking restriction
RESV3-39708 Online Reservations booking one per day
RESV3-37591 Restrict Online Reservation by Class
RESV3-40936 online reservation speed enhancements
RESV3-41018 do not require member acct number to register
POS3-39166 Add ability to use SSL (HTTPS) in Web Services mode connection
POS3-39978 ETS gift cards need to be terminal specific
POS3-37217 Amount Due Field Size
POS3-39893 Add ability to use HTTPS Web Services for Online3, Web Report and Ex Report
POS3-11825 Move local option from local xml file to database-enable copying of options
POS3-29727 Replace Percon image with iCPSStock image in Physical Inventory
REP-30233 Balance Cash Drawer with CC tips: Add function to print to Receipt printer like Balance Cash Drawer report
REP-41066 Report enhancement request: Sold To column on Discount Employee Report
REP-37469 Sales Transaction Report enhancement
SHV3-39445 27 hole crossover enhancement-9 hole only feature
SHV3-39278 Option to Show Rate
SHV3-38935 Have Today’s Note default to the day on the tee sheet, not Today
SHV3-39489 Posting date of receive contract / deposit-today instead of event day
SHV3-39685 Add option to make teesheet read only
SHV3-40319 Require Pincode to block a tee time
SHV3-39290 Phone field in Starterhut 3
SHV3-13658 Search feature in options, like in POS
SHV3-41041 If Summary is open instead of Cell info, system needs to default to that.
SHV3-39712 Starter hut email settings
SHV3-39713 Email confirmation when tee time is moved
SHV3-40134 Add “Send Email” to shv3
STOR-30270 Multiple shipping address
STOR-30286 Changing Font color on category list page
STOR-30288 Changing the look of the home page-scrolling and subcategories
STOR-30105 Value of virtual gift cards
STOR-30324 WebStoreV3: Show Price After Tax
STOR-36849 Color of item sold in cart summary
STOR-38974 Advertising admin
STOR-38908 International Shipping fee on confirmation email
STOR-39676 Ask for pw confirmation in admin screen
STOR-39607 Use Shipping rate
STOR-39624 Log in Page
STOR-30343 Wish List Option


Version 3.2.4 (Spring 2012)

Billing Cycle Module
BILL-9713 Batch Payment on accounts – credit cards
CPS Executive Report
ER-10765 Merchandise Revenue Report
Email Marketing Tool
MAIL-10534 Data Collection – Barcode Font 128
MAIL-10622 Data Collection – Birth Date
MAIL-10514 Data Collecton – Add Driver’s license swipe
MAIL-11914 Data collection kiosk on web
Europe Customer
EC-14632 Report to show the employees the customer has and the different security levels
EC-21941 UI: show reservation details in player reservations like for tour operators
EC-26285 Adding a new filter to the Customer Invoicing Report
EC-28463 Adding a log to see how tee times are deleted
EC-28302 Adding sales notes to the customer charge report
EC-29094 enhanced acct view export
EC-26103 Sales transaction detail by customer ordering
EC-14391 EU Customers: Bixolon support on the european market
Food & Beverage
F&B-27929 Web Order-  having all terminals be notified for orders
Lesson Book
LB-22685 Allow member that is not a golfer reserve lesson online
LB-11392 Lesson Book:  Add “Print Roster” button when group lesson is booked
Online Reservation
RES-27017 Booking animation (processing..)
Online Reservation 3.0
RESV3-28007 Credit Card On File Option
POS Express
POS3-22078 use cc on file to pay for ledger balance at end of month
POS3-26837 Enable Multiple Account Charge with QTY – Batch Sale
POS3-12685 Hillendale – Not allow item to be sold lower than cost
POS3-11825 Move local option from local xml file to database
POS3-28785 Prevention of  Customer Class
POS3-17209 Sales Lookup by Sales clerk
POS3-27032 Batch Pay on Account-allow member selected muliple times
POS3-28018 SQL Disruptions
POS3-28900 Gift Card activity report is off
POS3-28430 Eliminate “Send Error Report”
POS Retail
POSRT-24024 Support for Serialized Inventory
POSRT-28002 POS Offline Mode for 1 Location
POSRT-10257 Receive product via CSV
Private Club Billing
New billing module designed for private facilities-please contact Sales for details
REP-9198 Managing Custom Reports
REP-9489 Prompt for printing price tags with Purchase Order
REP-13580 New Report, Transaction Posting by date
REP-13593 Add Date Range to Customer Birthday List
REP-13666 Custom report request would like COGS added to Transaction Detail by Pay Method
REP-22862 Count Inventory sheet by Supplier Store codes
REP-23031 Add filter to customer statements that will include everyone with a debit or credit value
REP-27880 need Include Manual Adjustments option for Customer Payment by Date report
REP-26438 add retail price to Voided Item Report
REP-28225 Transaction Details by Customer report – Add group filter.
REP-27911 Add member account number to Handicap by Tee report
REP-20739 Adding Freight to the Purchase Order Report
REP-28464 Sales by Sales category type for Report Web
REP-28461 Gl Posting customer on Report web
REP-28742 Sales report by store code for Report Web
REP-28744 Customer list for Report Web
REP-28745 Inventory $ by category for Report Web
REP-9527 Enable reports to accomodate sales split between accounts
REP-29105 Gift Card Outstanding Report
REP-29143 Sales Report by Day for Report Web
REP-28593 add from date to gift card balance report
REP-14399 Inventory Added By Supplier Receiving Enhancement
REP-13377 Layaway admin report
REP-27980 Inventory Added report – Add filter to Include freight in total Cost column
REP-14032 Layaway Report
StarterHut V3.0
New and improved Starterhut module-please contact Sales for details
TK-24379 Add ability to choose store code in timekeeper admin
Web Store V3.0
New and improved Webstore module-please contact Sales for details.


Version 3.2.2 (Winter 2011)

Pos Express

POS3-11530      Easy Picker/Range Express Interface
POS3-12308      Guest Tracking History enhancement
POS3-17208      Able to do a prepaid transaction and Sale at the same time
POS3-19237      Able to print category ID number
POS3-20625      Need to disable A Cash Account
POS3-20893      Signature line printing < certain dollar amount on receipt
POS3-21483      Speed enhancement from Lesson Book to Sales and back.
POS3-21767      Hide Tournament Credit Book and Ledger balance when tournament item is sold
POS3-21996      Gift receipts font
POS3-24430      Last purchased look-up by Customer
POS3-25206      Option that will default “Reset sales date to current day after sale complete”
POS3-25556      Enhancement to print ETS gift card number on receipt.
POS3-25720      New split payment screen enhancements
POS3-5706        Multiple GL Gift Cards
POS3-6880        Assign Store Codes to Gift Cards

POS Retail

POSRT-10448     Lesson Book for Retail
POSRT-14333     Redesign of Customer Add Screen
POSRT-21424     Lock the price and cost field
POSRT-25316     Receiving Data by Store
POSRT-25374     Cash Drawer activity log


REP-19296        Inventory Added by Supplier Receiving
REP-22408        Inventory $ by Category needs to print out in alpha order within category
REP-23941        Customer Retention Report
REP-24827        Add a total column to the Sales by Department report
REP-9307          Request to have Cart description on receipt larger font

Food and Beverage

F&B-25505      Adjust Tips- Allow Admin, Manager or Assitant Manager to adjust tips

Version 3.2.0 (Fall 2011)

Pos Express

POS3-11642 New option to show middle initial in search fields
POS3-21029 Quickbooks export option gives ability to export by date and time (sales after Midnight)
POS3-11689 New option to not open cash drawer for $0.00 transactions
POS3-19485 New password protection option on the track inventory button
POS3-19237 Option to print category ID number on the receipt
POS3-14625 Option to turn off receipt for specific sale items
POS3-14128 Option: Make Keypad available on touchscreen for Bank Deposit, Cash Pull
POS3-13036 Option to show the GL code number & name in dropdown list in Sales Category dropdown
POS3-19380 Member search window now opens upon selection of Smart Card button
POS3-21664 Option to add Username field to add new customer screen
POS3-5379 New button when doing a GC Balance Inquiry-prints slip with balance/history
POS3-21322 Speed enhancements when selling to A CASH ACCOUNT
POS3-20289 Hide signature line on receipt for Debit transactions
POS3-20290 Option to hide Signature prompt on Pin Pad for sales < $20
POS3-14337 Added onscreen pinpad for manual credit card entry that was on old cc interface
POS3-14163 New “Check GC balance” button added to “Go To” in Sales screen
POS3-3678 Clone/Paste feature added to Sales Category Tier Pricing setup (like Starterhut rate feature)
POS3-14422 Jonas accounting integration
POS3-14603 Ability to add notes to the dependents
POS3-14534 Produce invoices for customers with a positive ledger balance
ASIA-21682 Keep a log when the user changes a price in inventory
ASIA-21783 Option to print in larger Receipt font size

POS Retail

POSRT-15593 Product Lookup feature added to mobile handheld POS
POSRT-19830 Option added to allow user to Edit PO line items until the PO is received
POSRT-19696 ROI/Markup Logic added to Product Setup screen-used to find suggested Retail price
POSRT-14648 Force Tax by Sale Category option-overrides a customer’s tax exempt status on selected items
POSRT-13845 ISBN website Integration for downloading book pricing information to Inventory screen
POSRT-14380 Speed improvements when searching for products on Sales screen
POSRT-14446 QWERTY onscreen keyboard button added to New split payment window for touchscreens
POSRT-14623 Scale integration on Sales screen-request weight and update quantity dynamically
POSRT-14645 Option to hide/display “Package” Tab from Quicksale Buttons
POSRT-13679 Coupon Promotions-option to print 1 or more coupons when selling specific items
POSRT-13961 Batch Transfers feature to allow one location to centrally receive inventory for multiple stores
POSRT-14354 New option for Purchase Order allows user to adjust Freight cost
POSRT-14432 Option: allow user to edit customer note from Sales screen


REP-14772 Payment method filters added to the Sales Transactions Report
REP-14396 Add a clerk filter to the F/B report “Sales Person Daily Cash Out Report”
REP-14265 Allow user to choose “reply to” address when using email statement feature
REP-14322 Criteria added to INV Qty by Store report: catalog number, cost, retail price
REP-12717 Store code check boxes a to “Sales Tax by Tax Code”
REP-13376 GL code by Pay method report now includes tips filter
REP-21350 New filters on Recurring Charges Listing Report:Member Class/Code and product code/description
REP-22805 Added ability to set Date Range By Time on Balance Cash Drawer with Tips by Person
REP-13392 Sales by Hour Report format change to show hourly summation for a given date range
REP-14349 Grand Total of Prepaid column added to last page of Customer Ledger Summary
REP-20891 Tips field added to Full Receipt
REP-22701 Sales Return Summary Detail report – Added time of return
REP-12342 option to print Large Hanging Price Tags-requires Zebra 105SL printer and 5.5″x2.5″labels
REP-5589 New option to email Sales Receipt
REP-13935 New report for Shared Prepaid-similar to shared smart card report
ASIA-22353 Increase width of tax columns on Sales Report to accept larger numbers
EC-14527 Added sales notes to smart card reports

Food and Beverage

F&B-23011 Transferring Checks to yourself-allows managers to more efficiently manage open tabs
F&B-17766 Added ability to unlock table and sales tab
F&B-14105 Coupon Promotions – Add ability to choose sales Category instead of one specific product
F&B-14737 Report now available in F&B module: Balance Cash Drawer Report by Person
F&B-20693 If user clicks Tab button by mistake, there is a new feature to allow user to edit the order
F&B-10498 Ability added for user to move Item(s) from one tab to another
EC-13793 New F&B Manager access to F&B options and QuickSale setup-Admin rights not required
EC-22062 Option to show column “TAX” on the Package setup screen
EC-20441 Purchase Orders: add confirmation screen when Cancelling a PO

Web Store

STOR-10618 Online food ordering module for delivery/carryout restaurants. **contact Sales dept for details**
STOR-7160 New message allows online shoppers to know how many are available for purchase in realtime
STOR-14114 Receive an email after purchasing gift card online

Email Marketing

MAIL-14051 Unsubscribe Feature added to allow email recipient to remove themselves from the email list

Time Keeper

TK-21927 Add filter to timekeeper export, combine total hours for each store code

Lesson Book

LB-14077 Confirmation and Cancellation email function added for Lesson Book
LB-14710 Add option to book lesson for non-members
LB-14085 Allow user to configure rates in Lesson Book with product description
LB-14074 New option to allow a Custom message to be added to the Day Off button
LB-14078 Add note button will now allow user to edit existing note, and also add note after booking
LB-10973 Cell history is now logged when booking/making changes to a Lesson

CPS Credit Cards

CCP-14021 ETS – HyperCom L4150 Signature Capture Device Integration

Online Reservations

RES2-14744 Online Reservaton for customers who don’t have a static public  IP
RES-13677 New option for Touring Agents to book online tee times with seperate logins
RES-9248 Give user ability to view available tee times prior to logging in or registering online
RES-13978 New feature to skip login page when user books on 3rd party website


Version 3.1.8 (Release 7/1/2011)

Food and Beverage

F&B-11766 HandHeld without Full F&B
F&B-13940 Numbers on Receipt
F&B-13994 Summary Report
F&B-13942 Change color of modifier buttons
F&B-14105 Coupon Promotions – Add ability to choose sales Category instead of one specific product
F&B-13413 Hand-Held – swipe a credit card into the Tab Name
F&B-13588 Selecting Items from the items ordered list
F&B-13603 Hand Held – Need ability to look up Credit cardmember transaction and add tip
F&B-12324 Edit Modifier Button
F&B-13553 Add new security level – Assistant Manager
F&B-13671 Handheld Credit Card Processing from multiple terminal at the same time
F&B-13008 Improve terminal setting option organization
F&B-13456 Add timeout response – ETS does not receive back a response from the issuing bank of the credit card.
F&B-12705 Holding an item after it has been ordered

Lesson Book

LB-10694 Group check-in
LB-11707 Additional Options Added
LB-13614 Change Student
LB-13285 Default student type (member,player,walk-in)
LB-14074 Custom message on Day off button
LB-14078 Add note button

Online Reservations

RES-11664 Add crossover Information after selecting available teetime
RES-12105 How to add a confirmation message to final screen?
RES-13691 Show courses online by hole number and number of holes available to book
RES-13514 online booking with Paypal.
RES-12429 Possibility to set the booking days in advanced, quantity of bookings per store
RES-13691 Show courses online by hole number and number of holes available to book
RES-13779 Element Payment Service Integration

POS Express

POS3-13916 Change logic Popup for Loyalty Points
POS3-14216 Foretees interface receipt
POS3-14132 Dual Factor Security Authentication Mode
POS3-13905 Update Expired Customer class after hours
POS3-13660 Save tab to customer that already has an open tab
POS3-13644 Store Groups password protection
POS3-10587 control the Smart Card expiration at the item level
POS3-11073 Site Information available on sales screen
POS3-8670 Add Notes to Recurring Charges
POS3-5944 Copy/Paste Product
POS3-14023 Force entry of reciprocal info
POS3-5379 GC Balance Inquiry Slip
POS3-13689 Pre Paid – Share Account
POS3-14025 Guest Tracking feature
POS3-12366 Belong CRM Interface
POS3-13296 Add sale note with Return via Sale number
POS3-11580 Create “Show Amount Tendered” option in Sales by Terminal
POS3-13713 Remove button for “Import from v5.2″ for QuickSale buttons
POS3-14708 Cancel split payment window after card processed-prevent double charged card
POS3-14493 Customer Statement (Preprint): the format of this report has changed slightly

POS Retail

POSRT-13846 Auto Print Invoice and Add Notes to invoice
POSRT-13849 Total # of Items Sold on Receipts
POSRT-13121 Ability to print from Layaway Screen
POSRT-11701 Munis Export
POSRT-12203 extra button for ‘permit form’
POSRT-13815 Custom Kiosk App Cosmetic Changes
POSRT-14203 Packing Slip Enhancement
POSRT-14228 POS Profit Tool Unit Price
POSRT-13373 Apply a coupon to Packages
POSRT-13463 Auto print invoices
POSRT-13697 Gift Receipts


REP-13503 Count Inventory Sheet by Category and Supplier
REP-12733 Sales report by person
REP-12168 Cash Count Parent Terminal
REP-13138 Sales Deleted Details report
REP-13450 Product Code added to Inventory Added by Supplier Receiving report
REP-13590 Gift Card by Holder Details Report
REP-13535 Add Sales Notes to Coupon Detail Report
REP-14149 Sales Referral Report
REP-13922 Add Prepaid filter to Customer Ledger Summary
REP-13923 Prepaid Summary Report
REP-13834 Customer Birthday Report Additions
REP-10532 Have signature line printed on receipt BEFORE Finalize Sale
REP-13865 Coupon Report Includes Notes
REP-13935 Shared Prepaid Report
REP-13592 Add Invoice Number filter to Customer invoicing report
REP-13503 Count Inventory Sheet by Category and Supplier
REP-3048 Email Report Log Functionality
REP-13192 Logo Feature on Receipt Centered
REP-13107 Sales Item Detail by Member add option to pick member
REP-12624 Add report filters to show Layaway payments received
REP-4911 Batch Sales Report Specific

Web Store

STOR-13292 Enable HTML link functionality
STOR-13318 Remove custom shipping setting in the console
STOR-11221 Do not ask for payment if transaction is $0.00
STOR-12467 New Search functions


Version 3.1.6 (Release 1/15/2011)

Food and Beverage


F&B-12895 Kiosk- Calculating Totals
F&B-12391 Add barcode option to show on receipts for customer.
F&B-12817 Receipt Enhancements (discounts and coupons)
F&B-13456 Add timeout response – ETS does not receive back a response from issuing bank of the credit card.
F&B-12242 Modifiers: Disable “Choice Text” field when any item chosen for “Charge to item code” field
F&B-12439 TOGO Button on F&B sales screen
F&B-12517 F&B KIosk – New Framework and startup screen
F&B-12712 Delete and update “86″ items from log in screen
F&B-11537 Apply Skins to all Screens
F&B-12649 F&B Kiosk – Feedback
F&B-12702 F&B Kiosk – Quicksale Setup
F&B-12754 Add No DefaultDefault Page button
F&B-12520 F&B KIOSK Version – Printing
F&B-12380 New F@B security level added: Payroll Admin
F&B-11797 Add breaks to POS timeclock
F&B-12866 Pin Pad Screen background
F&B-13136 Change Apperance of 86 list
F&B-12876 Quicksale Alpha Sort
F&B-12777 show prepaid amount in handheld receipt